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Budget Challenge

I said that this year I would be better about budgeting, especially because of the economic world we live in. I’m also in my first job, and can be a type A person when it comes to making plans about the future. So, I decided to come up with five ways to modify my budget this year, and I want to share with you so I can be held more accountable. This is one resolution I “can’t afford” to let up on ( like my pun, Im trying to be a little funny šŸ˜‰ )

1. Limit Starbucks Lattes to a Treat Once a Week:

Photo Source

I’m sure some of you are sitting here thinking, goodness gracious how much does she drink? I could probably save a whole month’s salary if I quit cold turkey. But I know the first steps in addiction is admission, and I know I have one when it comes to Starbucks lattes. So instead of causing extreme pain and annoyance for my co-workers, I will start with limiting and eventually be able to cut back more. No really, working in a hospital requires that you have a cup of coffee and when you have the choice of Starbucks or cafeteria coffee, come on! I will still get coffee (since its only a $1.50), but I am only going to allow myself a treat to a Starbucks Latte or special drink once a week, including weekends. Wish me luck! (And those around me!)

2. Limit Clothing Purchases to Two Pieces a Month, Save Big Trips for SpecialĀ Occasions

Photo Source
Photo Source

Clothing purchases recently do rank up there pretty high, and I need to wear some of these items before I add more to my closet. And when you wear scrubs everyday, you really need to calm down on the clothing purchases. I’ll definitely have some special occasion shopping treats, but those will be limited and need to be treated like a treat!

3. Make a List, Stick With ItĀ 

Photo Source
Photo Source

I think we all deal with this one: you have an idea what you want at the grocery store and when you get there you walk out spending so much more money than planned. And when you get home, you realize you added trail mix to your list when you saw it on the aisle, but you forgot eggs. This means another trip to the grocery store, where you find more items that you didn’t think of earlier. Thus, when you look at your bank account, you’re spending too much on groceries. Remember your items and save your trips!

4. Be Mindful of Sale Gimmicks

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“Two for Four Dollars” or “Two for Five” sound great when you think “I’m getting double for a small amount” But what happens when you Ā buy all of those products and don’t end up eating them? And saving $2.50 here and $2.00 there really start to add up! So, again stick to your list and think about what you need and what you’ll use. The “BOGO” is great for those food items that will last, but if it something that spoils quickly, you’re wasting money

5. Take A Look at the Small ChargesĀ 

Photo Source
Photo Source

Keep in mind subscriptions to services such as TV shows/Movie websites and “boxes/month”. Those again sound like deals but if your paying $8 to $10/month for something you’re not using, then aren’t we wasting money? I was so excited about joining one of those box companies, but then I thought about my sensitive skin and lack of cosmetic knowledge, that spending money on these things wouldn’t really benefit me.

So, think before you spend! Just small changes can have a big impact on our bank account!


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