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Closet Essentials: Winter Edition

This past week was a little hectic with the ice and snow here in town, so I apologize for the absence. We don’t get snow days when working in the hospital, and I didn’t have a chance to type up some blog posts for the end of the week. Hope everyone stayed warm, and if you were in Georgia or Alabama, I hope you were able to stay safe and warm with your families.

We still have our winter season ahead of us, and this week I thought I would share some closet essentials for the colder months. The thing to remember about the winter essentials is you can find these for good deals at your favorite clothing stores, and can be used for multiple occasions.

1. The Long Sleeve T

The long sleeve t-shirt is one of my favorites: you can pair this with jeans and ballet flats for a quick shopping trip, or put your favorite cardigan over it for lunch with friends. I love to have them in the basic colors (white, black, and brown), but then I also love stripes and bright colors to help spice up the outfit.

Little Bit of Charm and Grace
Little Bit of Charm and Grace

2. The Cardigan

Cardigans are one of my go to outfit pieces. I love how you can pair this with dress pants and a blouse for work, or pair with a scarf and jeans for a casual look. All the stores have bright colors, and patterns so that you can find some to fit your style!

Little Bit of Charm and Grace
Little Bit of Charm and Grace

3. Long Sleeve Silk Blouse

One of the hardest things to dress for can be the nights out with your friends in the wintertime. We all want to pull out our favorite outfits, but if your in the South, more of your outfits are short sleeves or sleeveless. The long sleeve blouse allows you to dress up your outfit without freezing. I love emerald colors during this season, so this emerald blouse from The Limited has been one of my favorite purchases.

Little Bit of Charm and Grace
Little Bit of Charm and Grace

4. Your Favorite Jean

I say “your favorite jean” because everyone has their own style of jean that they love and are most comfortable in. I personally love my skinny jeans from The Limited, their great with ballet flats or my winter boots. My second favorite would be the “Boot Cut” jeans from Talbots; I love wearing these with my cowboy boots or wallabees.

Little Bit of Charm and Grace
Little Bit of Charm and Grace

5. Winter Boots and Ballet Flats

And you can’t forget the shoes! I have three that are basic go to’s and travel with me everywhere. First: the leather riding boot. This boot can be dressed up or down for any outing or event. I don’t know what I wore before these became essential in closets. Second: the wedge bootie. I branched out of my comfort zone this year and went for a tall, wedge bootie. The key to the winter bootie is to determine how you’ll wear it: will you wear it with jeans or skirts, or both? The above ankle bootie looks great with jeans, but ones that fall below the ankle are more flattering with skirts. I chose the below the ankle so I would have more versatility with outfits. And finally, the ballet flat. Who could forget this classic shoe? It really speaks for itself.

Little Bit of Charm and Grace
Little Bit of Charm and Grace

What are some of your favorites that never go out of style?


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