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What to Wear . . . . to Brunch?

Brunch probably lands in my top 5 favorite meals, right there above breakfast šŸ˜‰ This past weekend, one of my good friends and I met for Saturday morning brunch at one of the local restaurants, and it was delicious! We had a great time talking, sipping mimosas and coffee, and of course, eating omelets and grits.

So, today’s topic is what to wear to brunch?! Brunch is one of those tricky meals because your not going somewhere fancy (so you might want to skip the heels and dress), and you’ll most likely be running around with errands afterwards (so you want to be comfortable). Now for the past few years, I have been advocating that some (key word: some) leggings should not be worn as pants, and I have not been the bravest when it comes to pairing such outfits together. But for our brunch I wanted to be comfortable, yet cute, so I decided to branch out with the leggings. It was also a whopping 36 degrees when I left to meet up, so warmth was a requirement.

IMG_0181Shirt (Loft), Leggings (Loft), Scarf (Belk), Bootie Socks (Loft)

A good pair of leggings, a comfy sweater, and a colorful scarf help to keep you warm when going out for a meal with friends and errands around town. Save the tight jeans, sparkling shirts, and heels for a night on the town, and go for comfort while spending time with friends.

Loft has come out with their lounge wear this spring, and it won’t break the budget! The color pattern is more grey and blue, but this where a colorful scarf helps to brighten things up.

loftPhoto SourcesĀ 

JCrew Factory has a few more bright and colorful options to choose from if you want to skip bright scarves and add color to your top. I also love the JCrew ankle skinny jean. You might want to go a size down because my experience in the past has been that they run a little big. JCrew Factory is also having a terrific sale!

jcrewPhoto SourcesĀ 

Wherever your favorite stores may be, remember to make it you and be comfortable! That way you can spend more time enjoying the company of friends and eating delicious food, because that’s what brunch is all about!

IMG_0179Had to include a picture of me awkwardly trying to take a photo with my outfitĀ 


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