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Find a Way to Give Back

Ever since I learned how Saint Jude’s Research Hospital helped children and their families, I wanted the opportunity to learn from them. During my internship, I had a chance to spend my elective at a place I had only dreamed about working in and being a part of in Memphis, TN. I spent time, not only learning from the brightest, but from some of the most passionate and caring people in the medical field. Everyone, from the security officer at the parking garage to the doctors on the team, greeted you with a smile and cheery “Welcome to Saint Jude’s!” The members on the team got to genuinely know you, and share their knowledge to help you improve your education. But the most rewarding part of spending time at Saint Jude’s was helping each child and their family. All of the kids I met were the bravest people I know, and could make your day with their big smiles and hearts.




The cost to operate at Saint Jude’s for one is close to 2 million dollars, and donations from around the world help to pay for roughly 75% of it. Just a $5,000 donation covers outpatient services for a child at Saint Jude’s. All expenses for families are covered while their child is there, and no bill is ever sent to the family. The childhood cancer survival rate has now reached 80%, up from 20% when Saint Jude’s opened. And all of this is made possibly by donations. Hard to believe right? I was amazed at what this facility has accomplished through the thoughtfulness of others, and inspired me to give back to them.

You can find more about donating to Saint Jude’s by visiting their website, www.stjude.org. The most important thing to take away from this post today is to remember to give back to your community; this can mean donating to a local charity or to a national organization such as Saint Jude’s. Remember how much of a difference we can make, even if its a small donation each month from our paycheck. It’s by working together are we able to make the difference in at least one person’s life!


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