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Monogramming: Southern Obsession

Don’t get me wrong, I am a true Southern girl who loves her grits, front porches, sweetgrass baskets, and her monograms. I have lots of clothing, linens, bags, etc that are monogrammed with my initials, and I had a blast picking out fonts and colors. But now that the local college students are back in town, I’m seeing more and more of them wearing too much monogramming. I want to pull some of them aside and say “No, lets limit our initials to . . . . ”

monogrammingPhoto Source

Monogramming is well used, and gaining popularity nation wide. It adds personalization, style, and a little bit of color to our ordinary items. But how much is too much? Should each clothing item, bag, and accessory have the curly Q’s, and bright colors? Remember, the monogram is an accessory itself, not a full jumpsuit. Here are some of my favorite, simple monogram photo finds:

collagePhoto Source (1), (2), (3), (4)

Is it okay to have your monogrammed scarf and purse with the same outfit? I say yes, go for it, but if your jacket, jeans, necklace, scarf, socks, and purse are monogrammed, you’re going overboard. Try to keep it at two pieces that are not close together. Remember a monogram is beautiful, colorful, and fun, let’s make sure we’re pulling it off the right way!

What are some of your favorite pieces to monogram?


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