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New Year, New You!

Happy New Year!! I know, I’m almost 13 days too late, and all the New Years Resolutions are about talked out. But I wanted to share a few of my goals for this year, so then maybe I’ll accomplish them! Plus, I’m really trying to vamp up the new blog and make more out of it this year, so this leads to my first resolution:

1. Blog More, Inspire More 

I started this blog to help pass the time while studying for boards and I fell in love with other blogs, food, fashion, travel, crafting, etc. I couldn’t decide which topic I should go with, so I chose “Life’s Inspirations”. I want to focus on each of those topics that we face each day: “What should I wear to this event?”, “Can I cook that on my budget?” “What color is appropriate this season?” This year won’t be just about fashion, eating healthy, or exercising, but a combination of all of those.

blog morePhoto Source

2. Budget, Save More 

Everyone says that budgeting is on their New Year Resolution list, and every year it falls through about 4 months in. As a twenty something year old adult, in a scary economic world, failing at a budget is not really an option. Now is the perfect time to save, especially because some big purchases are in my near future. The first six months of a new job and new place are tough on the budget but, now its time to start keeping my expenses in mind.

budgetingPhoto Source

3. Exercise More . . . . . 

Yes, this goes up there with budgeting. I remember my college gym and having to fight for treadmills from the start of the New Year to March right before Spring Break. Then afterwards the gym was all yours! And you have all seen my exercise troubles and declarations of “I will exercise everyday”. But now I’m setting a goal for myself, a small achievable one. And I promise not to beat myself up over not working out. First things first, I plan on joining a gym so I can go late after work and take some exercise classes. And my goal, for right now, is to be ready to run the Saint Patrick’s Day 5k with my best friend on her birthday!

exercisingPhoto Source

4. . . . Cook More . . . .

Another cliche,  letting our busy lifestyles prevent us from eating healthier. This year I am going to try for myself, and share with you, cooking tips to help you avoid the work cafeteria, vending machines, and your local take out everyday. Just by cooking your own meals with fresh ingredients helps to promote a healthier lifestyle.

cookingPhoto Source

5. . . . . Enjoy Life!

2013 was a year of change and fun with friends and family! A lot of exciting adventures took place, and more are to come with 2014! So, let sit back and enjoy the new year with a little bit of charm and grace!

new yearPhoto Source


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