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I’m Back . . . . . .

So I haven’t been missing the past 5 months . . . . and the excuses that I could come up with about why I was gone could go on and on. But the short story is I  took over my own floors in the hospital, football season (it stresses a lot of us out), moved to my own place, lost my password and access to my blog (yes this could happen to me), and had my new place flood. Hopefully, everyone will forgive me 🙂

Here’s been my life for the past five months . . . .

My mentor and one of my favorite people to work with got a new job elsewhere and asked me in late summer if I would be interested in working trauma full time (instead of part time). In September, I took over my own floor and became the dietitian for the whole trauma unit. I was very honored and have loved every second working with everyone!!

The end of August kicked off football season, which was full of tailgates, food, and friends! Clemson had a very good season (despite two losses) and headed to the Orange Bowl this year! Go Tigers!




picture 3

Each weekend brought lots of laughs and exceptional fun! Can’t wait for all the fun ahead next season!

I finally found my own apartment and moved in middle of fall time. Im in love with my new neighborhood and LOVE the shorter drive! Everything is finally moved into my place and set up, sort of. Moving is always drawn out . . . .



I’ve added more wall decorations and pictures to make it feel more like home. Of course, this Christmas Season I had to put up a tree and little by little I’ve added presents!

picture 4

My best friend and I went to the Eagles Concert! By far the best concert I’ve ever been to! They were amazing and so much fun to watch!


I also went back to Mayo Clinic to show on of my closest friends around and we stayed the night in Savannah. We had a lot of fun seeing Mayo and hanging out at the waterfront!


These two girls also got engaged and I am so excited for the year ahead with wedding planning and celebrations! I probably screamed a little too loud on the phone when they each called but hey, who wouldn’t!


picture 5

Christmas Season is my favorite time of year and I am so excited about the next few days that will be spent with family and friends! After working trauma for the past five months, I’m reminded each day to count my blessings and be thankful of how much good God places in my life each day. I work Christmas Eve but as soon as I am off Im headed home for our Christmas Eve party and Christmas Day Celebrations! Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and time with your families!

picture 1


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