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Louisville Weekend Trip

Lately I have been a little MIA from the blog, but Ive been balancing work, social and sleep haha. And I was busy hanging out in Louisville KY with one of my best friends! We had a wonderful weekend taste testing our way through Louisville and catching up!

As soon as I landed in Louisville and Katie picked me up from the airport, she was pointing out all the unique things about her city. Since we are both foodies, this included some of her favorite places to eat.

First stop was the Sidebar, a delicious burger restaurant that names all of their burgers after legal terms. I had the Baliff, which was a burger with pimento cheese and bacon. We shared a side of zucchini fries with truffle dressing and each had a Blue Moon Beer to top it off.

food collage

We then went next door for drinks at some of the best bars around town. And of course, ended the night with ice cream!

first night

The next morning we got up bright early to go to the Jim Beam Distillery and ChurchHill Downs. We started the day going to a local bakery for breakfast, where we had delicious pastries as we drove to Jim Beam. We decided on a self guided tour with the taste testing; Katie had been there before and was an excellent tour guide. It was really neat seeing how the Beam family came up with and still use their recipe for bourbon making. We were also told “how proud someone was to see two girls drinking bourbon”.

JIm Beam

After Jim Beam, we went off the itinerary to do a wine tasting at a local winery. All of the wines were delicious and we left with some for home. Between Jim Beam and ChurchHill Downs, we stopped for lunch at Coals for literally the best pizza I’ve ever had. We started with an appetizer, stuffed mushrooms, and had the Waverly Pizza which included mozarella cheese, prosciutto, balsamic vinaigrette, and fig sauce.

food day 2

ChurchHill Downs was even more stunning in person! We started with the museum, got to watch a documentary, and then tour the facility. There were amazing exhibits to walk through at they explained all the aspects of the Kentucky Derby and the Downs. Before the tour we watched a documentary on the day of the race and how the trainers, jockeys, and horses prepare before heading out to the track.

church hill downs

We had plans for another restaurant at dinner, but we were way too full from the day’s activities. We opted for our college favorite: Brie Cheese and Crackers, with the dessert being ice cream. Katie took me to the Comfy Cow, where I got one scoop of the Simply Southern (Bourbon, Chocolate Chips, Pecan Pie Pieces, and vanilla ice cream) with one scoop of Grits and Sorghum. Delicious!!

food day 3

The last day, Katie made us homemade French Toast and bacon before dropping me off at the airport. I had an amazing weekend spending time with Katie and seeing Louisville. We’ve already begun to make plans for the next trip and Labor Day weekend can’t come soon enough, as thats when we kick off football season!


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