The Best of the Week

Friday’s Favorites!

I know, I’ve been MIA this week. Blame it on my grandma ways as I have been going to bed super early, and busy with work. I promise to do better next week! I have a lot of exciting posts coming up, so please don’t desert me yet!

1. Mags and I got to spend a super fun evening together shopping and eating dinner. We found a gorgeous dress for her upcoming banquet. (We’ll have to wait to see the dress until after the banquet so not to spoil the surprise!) Unfortunately, we were having too much fun for me to pull out my camera and take a picture, so I will just include my favorite of the two of us from Thanksgiving.

mags2. Happy Anniversary to my parents! They have been married for 26 years now, and could not set a better example to me and my sisters on how to love. The two have worked as a team, always loving and respecting each other. I hope to have the love my parents share everyday.

mom and dad3. I found this new hairspray at Ulta a couple of weeks ago, found here on the Ulta Website. Sebastian Shaper Brushable Hairspray has done wonders on my hair, especially helping keep its shape throughout the day. I spray throughout my hair before drying and then spray once or twice after running the straight iron through my hair. I only bought a travel size bottle last time I went, but I will definitely be purchasing a larger one soon.

hairsprayPhoto Source

4.  I purchased my ticket for Louisville, KY for a weekend in July. I get to spend the weekend with one of my best friends as she shows me around her new home!! I am so excited and don’t think Louisville can handle the two of us!! Miss Sara and Miss Emily should be joining us 😉


5. Here’s a quote to help wrap up the week! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

quotePhoto Source


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