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Hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day and a great weekend spent with family and friends. I spent the weekend having dinner with some of my best friends, and spending time with my Dad, and sister who surprised us for a visit! Everyone had a great time hanging out together as a family, making the start of the work week a great one.


In a previous post, found here, I mentioned keeping up with my exercise regimen, even when busy with work and life’s schedule. So far, I have done pretty well; I alternate between one day running and then doing arm and leg weights the next day. There have been a few days and 1 week here and there that I have missed, but I am pretty proud of myself for keeping it up the past few months.

Now that I have worn out my > 1 year old tennis shoes, I am shopping around for a new pair. I also thought I would share some the latest “athletic fashion” finds that you don’t have to spend your whole paycheck on.

When do you change your running shoes? Experts say that you should change them every 300 to 500 miles, depending on your frame, terrain you are running on, and how you run. What do you choose? Well its best to go to a running store and discuss the types of shoes and your style of running. They can help determine your running shoe by your height, weight, miles you run/week, and how you step when running.

tennis shoesPhoto Source

I am currently considering the Nike Pegasus for my next tennis shoe purchase. 

My favorite sports bras are found at Traget and they come in many bright colors at a great price. Sometimes you can even find them on buy 1, get 1 1/2 off or free! You can also get them in skinny or thick straps, whichever one you find to be the most comfortable.

brasPhoto Source

In the summer time, especially in the South, I find that it is too hot to wear a T-shirt with sleeves. I personally enjoy having a collection of tank tops to choose from, especially lightweight cotton that won’t cling as you run. I found the Under Armor Brand cotton tanks at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and they are great for a long run or a weight session in the gym. The price is fantastic as well.

tank topPhoto Source

Nike’s Tempo running shorts have been my go-to running short for a long time now. I probably own too many colors, but they just keep coming out with new ones each year. They can usually be found on sale, and a lot of companies are making ones similar.

shortsPhoto Source

As you can see, I have put together a very bright outfit to wear running this summer! You will definitely be noticed if you go with these colors. The main thing is to wear what you find comfortable, whether its short sleeves or long sleeves, or shorts vs capris, just make sure its something you love. Hopefully, this will get you on the right track towards finding an outfit!

What are some of your favorite athletic fashion finds? Favorite running shoe?


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