The Best of the Week

Life Lately . . . .

I did not realize how crazy life could get with a full time job, 1 hour commute, and trying to hang out with friends and family! However, I absolutely love my new job! I am working as a critical care RD, mainly in trauma, but also covering a floor in the Heart Hospital and where ever else needed. Everybody has been so welcoming and supportive, this is a wonderful team to work with and I am so excited to be there!

Emily and I had our weekly girls night and the menu included caprese sandwiches, brussel sprout salad, and fresh corn on the cob. Absolutely delicious!! We also had great laughs with the Despicable Me 2 trailers that have come out. If you need a good laugh, then definitely watch this.

Recipes soon to come!

The hour long commute to work in the morning and afternoon has gotten a little old (with two weeks in), but I am currently waiting on roommate situations and looking at places, so its comforting to know its not long term. I am finding out what I do and do not want to keep on my Ipod playlist though. Any good music suggestions for the car ride?

The next couple of nights will be spent hanging out with friends as we celebrate one leaving for Africa, and seeing one of my best friends who I feel like I haven’t seen in forever! Here’s to the coffee and good times!

I miss the good ole summer days hanging out by the pool!
I miss the good ole summer days hanging out by the pool!

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