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Happy Birthday Dad!

June is a busy month with all of our family’s birthdays, anniversaries, and family reunions (yes, you should see how the Jones party). So, this week we celebrate Dad for his birthday today and Father’s Day on Sunday!

My Dad has many talents: he graduated with a degree in Agricultral Economics, went out west to cowboy, and then came back for a degree in law. Yes, he has been the two extremes. But mainly my Dad is a cowboy. Dad can be seen around the farm in his cowboy boots and hats working the horses and cows; he knows animals better than anyone I know. And he is always excited to explain when I ask a question about ranching, even if I have asked before. He just has that much fun with it!

Everybody says there is a reason God blessed him with four girls; some say its because of his behavior in college, and others say it was to test him when he was ranching, but I think so far its worked out haha. The one thing my Dad has always done for us is make sure we see the potential in ourselves. When I made my first failing grade in college and wanted to switch majors, Dad jumped on the phone with a pep talk telling me to pick myself up and charge at it. When it came time to apply to internships, he challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and apply to programs I didn’t think I stood a chance at being accepted. He is always encouraging and supportive of all four of us whether its taking a small test or applying for jobs. He also has the best sense of humor, making every situation fun!! Thanks for everything Dad, you have been such a wonderful role model and father to your girls!

dad 2Happy Birthday Dad!! Hope you had a great day!!


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