The Best of the Week

Best of the Week

So this is really the Best of Three Weeks because these past few weeks were so busy I couldn’t get a chance to write at the end of each week.

1. I got a job last week! I am no longer on the unemployed list and I am so excited to get started as a Clinical Dietitian in a Level 1 Trauma Unit starting Monday morning!!

2. The whole family traveled to Clemson for the Rodeo State Finals for Jini to compete and Dad was in charge of directing the arena and finals coordinator. It was a a Team Family Event as we all pitched in and helped when necessary.

We really do work as a team, when we're not goofing off.
We really do work as a team, when we’re not goofing off.

3. When I went to Clemson, I got to see some of my favorite people as we celebrated one friend’s birthday and had lunch with wonderful friends! It was so much fun catching up with everyone, and eating at our favorite restaurant in Clemson!

4. Now that I have a job, this means I can start apartment/house hunting, and collecting items to decorate home with! Excuse my Pintrest board that is about to blow up.

5. My coffee addiction will begin again as I start back with hospital hours. And the closest Starbucks will not be available until I get to work, so this means I have to recreate my favorite coffee drink at home. Any suggestions?

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