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Those Summer BBQs: How To Decorate

Okay, Im back to finish up this series! You wouldn’t believe how crazy the past few days in the family house its been!

Because summer is one of the prettiest times of the year, it doesn’t take much to decorate for those summer BBQs. Unless its a wedding or bridal party, of course. Usually simple is best because you will be enjoying your event in a scenic area where nature will do its work!

First, you need to decide if you are hosting the party for something such as Memorial Day or Fourth of July, or if its a summer luau! If its an American celebration, pull out those red, white, and blue colors; I personally love this particular set up with the flags being used as the main decoration. You can then incorporate a summer flower such as a sunflower on your table!

red white and bluePhoto Source

If its a luau, I love the bright color flowers and beach decorations! It is also a wonderful time to use your favorite tropical fruits for decorating as well! The kids love this type of party, especially when its by the pool or out on the beach! I found this particular party decoration idea on Pinterest, and I love the combination of teal and yellow; this would be perfect for luau on girls night or for a bridal party!

teal and tangerinePhoto Source

For a formal evening get together, black and white can be used and add a pop of color by using flowers. This is perfect for a wine tasting or dinner with friends.

fancyPhoto Source

You can always add bright colors such as blue, pink, greens, and yellow, and have a central food table people can visit throughout the party.

summer set upPhoto Source

The main essentials for any good party should include a center piece, a table cloth, and lighting; here are just a few ideas you could use!

Love mason jars with flowers!
Love mason jars with flowers!
Burlap makes for great tablecloths outdoors!
Burlap makes for great tablecloths outdoors!
DIY lighting is very easy!
DIY lighting is very easy!

You now have your outfit, food, and decorating ideas to start off your summer with Memorial Day weekend! What will you do this Memorial Day?!

summerPhoto Source


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