The Best of the Week

Best of the Week

1. Congratulations to all of my friends graduating from Clemson today!! Such a great accomplishment and wonderful University to graduate from! So proud of each of them and know they will do great things out in the world! Welcome to alumni status!

2. Got to attend my little sisters’s award ceremonies at my high school alma mater this past week! Jin got middle school honor roll and Mags got Coker Scholar, Lander Scholar, and Columbia College Scholar as well as being inducted into Senior Class President for next year!

Miss Honor Roll
Miss Senior Class President
Miss Senior Class President

3, My best friend’s little sister, who we have adopted as another little sister in the family, finished up her last day of senior year in high school! She is all set to graduate in just a few weeks and I am so proud of her! She is going to do great and have so much fun in college!

4. It’s been a week full of applications to jobs as I can now apply! I am so excited and nervous to see where God will take me next!

5. It’s Mother’s Day this weekend!! Make sure and tell your Mom how much she means to you! I found the best cards that kind of describes all four of us girls to give to her and I am so excited to celebrate her. My mom has always been my cheerleader and best friend, she always knows the right thing to say and do. I hope to be half the mother she is some day!

The Best Role Model
The Best Role Model

P.S: Still keeping up the running by alternating days between weights and running . Hopefully I can add some yoga in there, but we’ll see.


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