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You Got This!

Just about 5 hours ago I finished my Registered Dietitian Exam and I PASSED!! It has been a long journey leading up to this point and I could not have done it without the support from my family and friends! This girl has definitely come a long way from making a 42 on her first college biology exam!

I had never scored below a B on an exam or in a class in high school; I had to study for sure, but never pull all nighters or start studying weeks ahead of time. When I came to college and started in my first biology class, I thought to myself, “I can do this, I know how to study”. HAHA. I am sure that my best friend and college roommate will never forget when I looked online and discovered I had made a 42 on the exam! Yes, the all A and B student from high school had failed her first college exam. Not only had I failed the exam, I found out at the next class that I had made the lowest grade out of 300 students in the class. The lowest grade the professor had ever had anyone make on one of her exams. I called my parents and told Emily that I was going to have to drop out and find a major that did not include biology (at an engineering and science school, this was next to impossible. I had looked at the entire course catalog) My parents encouraged me to go to my professor and seek help to find out what I could do to improve my score. (Why they thought I wanted to come to her after being the lowest grade EVER I don’t know)

The teacher said that unless I made a perfect score on the next exam, which she thought was impossible, I wouldn’t pull a B out of the class (An A was impossible, honestly I just wanted her to say I could pull a C out) But she said that if I came to her for extra help, she would teach me how to study. The next test, I made a 100! And made A’s on the rest of the tests. AND learned how to study the sciences in college! For the next four years, I worked hard to do well in all of my classes and in my last year, waited anxiously to hear back about an internship.

I will never forget turning in my application and Emily saying, “Okay that’s it. It is in God’s hands and that’s all you can do. You got this!” When the day came to find out about the placement, Katie fixed me dinner and sat with me as we pressed refresh over and over; and listen to me scream and jump up and down when it said I was going to Mayo Clinic! Next came sitting in the orientation, hearing how hard this program would be, and walking out with Abbie and Ashley going “Can we do this?” to our last week of staying up late to finish our last projects and graduating with all 3 of us up there!

My family and friends gave me so much support and advice, along with numerous pep talks when I wanted to quit, and they were always there to celebrate with me and push me to do my best! My family and friends kept repeating Emily’s words “It’s in God’s hands. You got this!” Well after this morning, I got this!

God has given me the strength to complete each step and has guided me throughout the whole process. It has been a long 5 years working and studying towards this certification and I can say that I am truly blessed with the support team I have! I couldn’t ask for better group of people that God has placed in my life, and for giving me the strength to rise above that 42 biology grade 5 years ago!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every one of you!!


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