Daily Inspiration

To Start Off The Week

Daily 2


I wanted to share this verse to start off the week, mainly because it is so important in my life right now. I am in the between stages of completing my studies and looking for jobs, and I easily become frustrated because I don’t have my plan figured out.  People ask, “Are you working right now?” “No I am studying for my boards and can’t apply for jobs yet” Their reply is a look of confusion and “Oh” and I worry too much about that reaction.

And I know that I cannot apply for jobs or look for apartments in my dream city until my boards are completed and I have that job. My frustration lies in the fact that I like to control the situation, know where I am going to be, have a plan.

Right now the only thing I can control are my study hours. 

I have to remind myself to look back at this verse and remember there is a plan. God’s plan, and that it is okay if I don’t know it right now. The important thing is to take each step as it comes and have FAITH that things will work out as they are suppose to. 


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