The Best of the Week

The Best of the Week

1. I have kept up with my goal of exercising everyday this week. I alternate between running two miles and running one mile with weight training.

2. Jini completed third in pole bending and 7th in goat tying in the Junior Rodeos! So proud of my baby sister!

Her best rodeo event!

3. My makeup from MaryKay came in and has done wonders for my complexion  For someone who is very picky about her facial products, these have become my all time favorites!

mary kay
Start with their botanical cleanser!
marykay 2
Foundation that is light and stays on all day!

4. I am one more week closer to being done with studying for the RD Board Exams!

5. DeAndre Hopkins, from Clemson University, was a first round NFL Draft Pick last night for Houston! The Clemson Family couldn’t be more proud of him!!

This weekend it is on to studying even more for boards. I am definitely looking forward to having my weekends back when I am done with these exams!!



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