Fashion Inspiration

This Isn’t a Fashion Blog, But . . . .

This is not a fashion blog, and I definitely do not intend for it to become one. But my study breaks today have been reading fashion blogs and I became inspired. Maybe it is because I found one fashion blog and couldn’t stop reading, or maybe I am tired of wearing t-shirts and running shorts throughout the week studying. Anyhow . . . . .

Now, I can’t stand to watch reality shows, except for maybe the guilty pleasure Bachelor or Bachelorette ever season and then, but in high school my favorite shows included Laguna Beach and the Hills (only with the original cast of course). Don’t worry, I have grown out of my MTV reality phase. My favorite character was Lauren Conrad (LC), simply because she seemed the most real and I love her sense of style. I keep up with her website, LaurenConrad to find out the latest style and beauty advice since she started her fashion line at Kohls.

Today she featured an article, “Store, Toss, or Wear: The April Edit”  This basically sums it up:


blog 3
Black Jeans

Lauren Conrad says to store those black leather leggings from the winter for the spring. Because I am not brave enough to buy or wear leather leggings, I will be sure to tell my sister to store hers, and I will put away my black skinny jeans. If you are from any part of South Carolina, then you know that it is way too hot to wear all black this time of year.


blog 4
Bell Bottoms

Time to get rid of the bell bottoms, and embrace the skinny jean. If I remember correctly, I used to beg my mother to buy bell bottoms because Lizzie McGuire made them popular. Now looking back on them, I will embrace the skinny jeans and toss those bell bottoms.


blog 5
Pastels and Stripes

Pastel jeans are in this spring and now I have to work up the courage to find a color I love. All the stores are featuring them and I guess it is time to join the club. What color should I go with?


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