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Setting a Goal

I will be honest, I stink at running. I probably look like a Phoebe from Friends; you know, the scene where she goes running with Rachel, but Rachel is too embarrassed to run with her? Yeap, that’s me, even though running a half marathon is on my bucket list.

But for some reason I still love to run. Whether its the way I feel afterwards or whether its having some time to myself during the run, I still enjoy doing it. Lately, running has been a way for me to get out of the house during these long days of studying and have some time away from the books, so its been an everyday thing. But like the rest of society, as soon as things get busy, I worry I will find an excuse to quit again.

So right now I am setting a goal for myself: just run. Try to make it an everyday habit that cannot be broken, so that when those busy times come, I don’t quit. What goal will you set for yourself?

Perfect quote to find on Pintrest for today!

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