Life In General

Rain, Prom, Rain, Birthdays

Well the past few days have been bustling with activity, and very little time for studying. Thursday I got the chance to spend the afternoon with one of my closest friends as we caught up with each other’s lives over lunch and coffee. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner and the drive back home, but definitely a wonderful afternoon!! On Friday, my grandmother called and wanted to attend the grand opening of the Fresh Market in town. I definitely could not turn this down! We spent around 2 hours going down every aisle, taste testing every sample offered, and picking out various items to take home for lunch. I couldn’t figure out who was more excited, my grandmother or me? I had so much fun spending time with her and sharing my passion for nutrition as we talked about food trends, recipes, and food fads throughout the store. I look forward to many more trips there!

The vegetable aisle at Fresh Market. We had too many options to choose from!

Then came prom for Maggie!! I returned home to see the house being taken over by curlers, curling irons, straighteners, nail polish, makeup, and of course, the ipod on loud. Needless to say, as usual Dad left the house to go do “work” on the farm. (I just think he couldn’t handle all of it) As soon as I walked in the door it was “go time”; in a matter of two hours we had Maggie ready to go for her date to pick her up. Now, my dad has had four girls, this is the third to attend prom (third formal this year) and he still sits at the barn as the dates drive past. He also still wonders why they don’t stop and talk to him. Well as we have tried to tell him, when you look like the Duck commanders on Duck Dynasty, people tend to be intimidated. Including prom dates. Once the date made it past Dad and safely drove out of the farm, we followed with pictures in the gardens with friends. While Maggie danced the night away, the rest of the family collapsed in the den with pizza and a movie. Maggie looked absolutely gorgeous and had a wonderful time!!

Maggie and her date, along with the rest of the girls at the Gardens. Emily and I getting together to take beautiful pictures of our sisters!!

Growing up in a small town, surrounded by many small towns, eating out options are severely limited unless you want to drive thirty minutes. So Emily and I decided to cook dinner together on Saturday night. We found a delicious recipe in her latest cookbook and had lots of fun catching up and cooking together. The leftovers have been delicious!!

Due to the rain this past weekend, very little was done. We decided to be lazy and watch movies and spend time together! Yesterday, the family gathered for my grandmama’s 78th birthday! Everyone had a good time eating together and spending time reminiscing. She had fun cracking jokes about how being 29 for the past few years has truly been a blessing! I hope to be just as young when I hit 78!


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