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New and Old

So the blog has changed, new look, new posts, and new website all together! My last blog was about my adventures in Jacksonville, and well lets’ just say I didn’t do a good job keeping that one up. My new goal is to do better with this one.

The question is what am I up to now. Well I graduated from Mayo Clinic Dietetic Internship back on March 1st and completed what I believe to be the hardest part of my career. While I knew it would not be a piece of cake, each day brought new challenges and opportunities. I also had the chance to work with two other girls that truly made the experience so much better. The three of us spent every day of the past 8 months working together and supporting each other through projects, the good, and the bad. We have formed a bond of friendship we know we will carry past our time at Mayo.Image

I also would not have made it through without the support of family and friends; they were so understanding through the stressful phone calls and emails. And you know you have great friends when you send a distress text message and they send cookies. I know one thing, I am so glad to now have time to be there for them!

Now, I have moved back home with my parents as I study for my boards and look for jobs, and let me tell you, this is a whole new challenge. I think all of us are adjusting to the new arrangement and I am getting use to living with more than one other person again. But it is great spending time with my sisters and parents after a stressful time period. Its going to take about another month or so to prepare for my boards, and I am unable to apply for jobs until the RD is behind my name. So I am taking the advice of my Director and enjoying the time off. Because in the real world I won’t have another 6 week or longer break for a very long time.

I am no longer blogging about my adventures in a new city or starting school or a job. Just mainly about what I find interesting such as recipes, time spent with family and friends, and those Pinterest ideas that finally get put to use. You never know what could happen with the Justice family so there will not be a dull moment. I do know its great to be back with family and friends.



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